Heart of Stone

Monday, March 16, 2009

Winner 2009 Slamdance Audience Award for Best Documentary Film
An intense and personal film that explores the world of Weequahic High School in Newark, NJ. Gangs rule the school in this predominantly African American inner city the Philip Roth once immortalized as a turn of the century Camelot. In 2001 a new principal, Ron Stone, creates an unconventional conflict resolution program inspiring the gang members to graduate and pursue college. Stone is able to make a truce with the gangs and establish the school as a “non-violence” zone. He then partners with the aggressively committed older Jewish and younger African American alumni to raise funds for college scholarships and other school activities. At Weequahic High School, past meets present and adolescents strive to overcome adversity.

  • Running Time 84 min minutes
  • Director Beth Toni Kruvant