Monday, June 14, 2010

For the brilliantly original cultural critic and poet Wayne Koestenbaum (The Queen’s Throat, Jackie Under My Skin), this is the film that confirmed his most sneaky tendencies, “a love of beauty, a secret wish for punishment, an addiction to classrooms, and a fear of small towns.” Based on a Jean Genet story, adapted by Marguerite Duras, directed by bisexual Tony Richardson, and starring glorious icon Jeanne Moreau, MADEMOISELLE is the story of a repressed schoolmarm who lusts after the tough working men in her country village by day, and burns down their farms by night. “What Moreau accomplished with roulette wheel in Jacques Demy’s Bay of Angels,” adds Koestenbaum, “she pulls off with muddy high heel in Mademoiselle.”

  • Country UK
  • Rating NR
  • Year 1966
  • Running Time 105 minutes
  • Director Tony Richardson