NYICFF Flicker Lounge

Monday, April 14 - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recommended Ages: 12 to Adult

SHORT FILMS FOR AGES 12 TO ADULT – The best short film and animation from around the world, for ages 12 to adult.

Program includes:

9 Meter (Denmark) Live Action, Anders Walter, 2013, 16.5 min: Daniel’s mother is comatose in the hospital, hanging on to life by a thread. But he is convinced that she can hear him. To what lengths will he go to try to save her?

Us (Belgium/France – EAST COAST PREMIERE) Animation, Ulrich Totier, 2013, 8.5 min: In an empty, timeless space, funny little figures wander around with no apparent purpose… until one day a stone falls from the sky. What they do with it reveals the true nature of these odd creatures.

Portlandia: Rat’s Book (USA – US PREMIERE) Animation, Rob Shaw, 2013, 3.5 min: Tired of the way rats are always getting slandered by humans, a trio of hipster rodents decide to write a book telling their side of the story. Featuring the voices of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (United Kingdom) Animation/Live Action – Becky and Joe, 2012, 3 min: Creativity has never been easier. Or scarier! (Kids, don’t try this at home.)

Linear (Brazil) Animation/Live Action, Amir Admoni, 2012, 6 min: A line is a dot that went for a walk.

Bear Me (Germany) Animation, Kasia Wilk, 2012, 6 min: One day I found a bear. Or he found me. A short treatise on potentially harmful relationships.

Big Hands Oh Big Hands Let it Be Bigger and Bigger (China – US PREMIERE) Animation, Lei Lei, 2013, 6 min: Every year there is one film that we can’t decide whether to program for tots or teens. Hope we made the right choice!

Marcel, King of Tervuren (USA) Animation, Tom Schroeder, 2013, 6 min: In this Greek tragedy – acted out by Belgian roosters – Marcel survives the bird flu, alcohol, sleeping pills and his son, Max. A true story!

The Runaway (France) Live Action, Jean-Bernard Marlin, 2013, 22.5 min: In trouble with the juvenile courts and facing serious consequences, Sabrina must make a life-changing decision.

Love Sport: Fencing (United Kingdom – NY PREMIERE) Animation, Grant Orchard, 2012, 2.5 min: Minimalist visual style generates maximal humor in this Olympic-style fencing duel, in which the USA and Italy fight for victory using any means necessary.

I Love Your Face (Estonia – US PREMIERE) Animation, Chintis Lundgren, 2012, 3 min: Chintis Lundgren, creator of last year’s Dangerous Migration Route, is back with more animated birds in her music video for “I Love Your Face” by Estonian alternative act Kali Briis.

Knock-Knock (USA) Animation, Chadwick Whitehead, 2013, 1 min: A matador fights a goose, a cougar does motorcycle tricks, and they all tell some jokes.

  • Rating NR
  • Running Time 80 minutes

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