NYICFF: Girls’ POV Shorts

Saturday, April 12 - Friday, April 18, 2014

SHORT FILMS FOR AGES 10 TO ADULT – A collection of the best short films from around the world featuring girls and girls’ perspectives, for ages 10 to adult.

Program includes:

Ivory Coast: Wax (France – NY PREMIERE) Animation, Bastien Dubois, 2013, 3 min
The printed wraps worn by the girls and women in the Ivory Coast are more than decoration. They are a unique form of communication and expression.

Neverland (France – WORLD PREMIERE) Live Action, Cecile Dcrocq, 2012, 18 min
Twelve-year-old Jeanne is spending a weekend with her parents at Disneyland in Paris. In a moment of indiscretion, Jeanne discovers a startling realization about her father.

Through You (Netherlands – US PREMIERE) Animation, Lucette Braune, 2013, 8 min
A young woman struggles through the crowd on her way to the store. As she passes these strangers, some leave a mark – but only one leaves a mark that sticks.

The Princess, the Prince, and the Green-Eyed Dragon (Germany – NY PREMIERE) Animation, Bin-Han To/Jakob Schuh, 2011, 7 min
The Prince just wants to read his newspaper. The Princess is looking for some excitement. And a thoughtful dragon is searching for a useful birthday present for his grandmother. In the end, they each get what they deserve.

Crocodiles Without Saddles (Germany – NY PREMIERE) Live Action, Britta Wandaogo, 2012, 10 min
This intimate portrait of 12-year-old Kaddi Wandaogo uses a mix of archive, interview and video diary footage to express deep personal feelings and her experience growing up between German and African families.

Pretty Anna-Lena (Germany – US PREMIERE) Animation, Ralf Kukula, 2013, 4 min
The calamitous course of a little girl’s passion for finery told in a moral storybook style.

Winter Trees (United Kingdom – US PREMIERE) Animation, Karni and Saul, 2013, 3.5 min
In this music video from Aardman Animations, a Llama-Owl carries his friend to safety, as their world is washed away in a flood.

A Monster in the Reservoir (South Korea – EAST COAST PREMIERE) Animation, Lee Sung-Gang, 2012, 11.5 min
A lonely monster lives in a secluded reservoir surrounded by mountains. He is almost discovered by a young girl, but is too scared to reveal himself. As time goes on, many different people visit the reservoir – but neither the girl nor the monster forget their chance encounter.

The Red Carpet (Spain – NY PREMIERE) Live Action, Manuel Fernández/Iosu López, 2012, 12 min
Rubina was born into poverty in the slums of Mumbai – the only world she knew until she landed the role of Latika in the Academy Award®-winning filmSlumdog Millionaire. Despite that experience, Rubina’s life seems remarkably unchanged as she talks about her love of her home and her dream of seeing herself on the screen once again.

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