Small Change

Wednesday, November 25 - Monday, December 14, 2009

New 35mm print! Too long absent from the big screen, SMALL CHANGE is one of Truffaut’s most poetic and personal films, a radiant celebration of the world of childhood. Through a series of loosely connected vignettes in a small city in southern France, a group of children, from infants to adolescents, experience the joys and trials of being young. “Children exist in a state of grace,” as a young mother observes. “They pass untouched through dangers that would destroy an adult.”

“A comedy, a romance, a mystery — in a word: childhood — captured, distilled, and transformed effortlessly from sketchbook to symphony in the hands of a master named Francois Truffaut.” – Wes Anderson

“[A] rarity — a poetic comedy that’s really funny. Truffaut’s deadpan, disjointed style is quicker and surer than ever before.” – Pauline Kael

“An original, a major work in minor keys. It’s a labor of love that ignores precedent with splendid verve and a film with so many associations to other Truffaut films that watching it is like meeting a previously unknown relative, someone both familiar and utterly new and surprising… has the air of a child’s Saturday afternoon when no special activities have been planned. It ambles through the lives of these children, observing them in school, at home, going to the movies, making do on a Sunday morning when parents sleep late, trying to pawn some textbooks, making painful and hilarious discoveries that, by the time we reach the end, have encompassed most of the ordinary expressions of childhood in ways not possible ion the conventional fiction film.” – Vincent Canby, The New York Times

  • Country France
  • Language French
  • Rating PG
  • Year 1976
  • Running Time 104 minutes
  • Distributor The Film Desk
  • Website
  • Director Francois Truffaut

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