Spring Fever

Playing in theater 5 as part of our “Cinema Studio Selects” series. Nanjing, present day, springtime. Wang Ping’s wife suspects him of adultery. She hires Lou Haitao to spy on him and discovers that her husband’s lover is a man, Jian Cheng. It’s with this man that Luo Haitao and his girlfriend, Li Jing, form a torrid love triangle. For all three, it’s the beginning of asphyxiating, sultry nights of physical abandon that exalt the senses. A journey into the confines of jealousy and obsessive love.

An award-winning Chinese director, Lou Ye continues to test the Chinese government as he did in such acclaimed films as Summer Palace and Suzhou River. The controversial director has been barred from making movies for five years after Summer Palace was withdrawn from the Cannes Film Festival competition, even though it was the only Asian film selected. He was also barred from making movies for a two years after Suzhour River was entered into several film festivals without receiving state approval. His films strive to break political boundaries by exposing the complexity and diversity of contemporary China.

  • Country China/Hong Kong/France
  • Language In Mandarin and Cantonese with English subtitles.
  • Rating NR
  • Year 2010
  • Running Time 116 minutes
  • Website strandreleasing.com
  • Director Lou Ye