The Birdcage

Friday, May 8 - Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chosen by Christian F., floor staff! 35mm print

“Albert (Nathan Lane), the mincing drag queen at the center of THE BIRDCAGE, begs the indulgence of everyone who lays eyes on him. A flamboyantly effeminate homosexual who headlines at the South Beach, Miami, nightclub owned by his longtime lover, Armand (Robin Williams), Albert lives for the moments when he goes on stage. As soon as his act is over, though, he turns into a big pile of jelly: needy, whining, hysterical — the diva as cowardly lion…

“Written by Elaine May and directed by Mike Nichols, THE BIRDCAGE is an enchantingly witty and humane entertainment, a remake of the 1978 French farce La Cage aux Folles that actually improves upon its source. Here, as in the original, the characters are thrown into a tizzy when Armand’s son, Val (Dan Futterman), the product of a one-time-only liaison, announces his engagement to the daughter of a rabid right-wing politician (Gene Hackman). After clearing the outrageous knickknacks (i.e., everything they own) out of their apartment, Albert and Armand host a dinner party for their future in-laws in which they attempt to pass themselves off as ”normal” heterosexuals. But how could Albert, of all people, appear normal? Simple: He does himself up in pearls, pumps, and a Barbara Bush wig and presents himself as Val’s prim dowager mother.” – Entertainment Weekly

  • Country USA
  • Rating R
  • Year 1996
  • Running Time 117 minutes
  • Director Mike Nichols

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