The Super Inframan

Friday, November 30 - Saturday, December 1, 2018

** Please note that the late-night screenings on Fri 11/30 and Sat 12/1 begin at 12:15am and not at 11:59pm! **
“A lazer-blasting, supernatural kung fu robot epic from legendary martial arts purveyors Shaw Brothers?  Wrap your brain in a diaper and tear off your eyelids! 

“The 10,000,000-year-old Princess Dragon Mom sets forth to enslave the entire human race with her army of day-glo dancing rubber monster buddies.  Fortunately, modern science has just completed construction of the ultimate cyborg defender: INFRAMAN.  All other ultra-powered crimebashers can hereby go home, because this nuclear atrocity is the most wacked-out, non-stop hyperspazzblastular live action superhero monster movie the Earth has ever survived.

“See our favorite creature-crushing robostar use roundhouse kicks, sonic lightning beams and random explosions to defeat ultimate evil!  When the plotless no-rules cartoon mayhem of Godfrey Ho collides with the martial arts mastery of Bruce Lee…Ho/Lee shit!!!”  (Zack Carlson)

Screening as part of our Shaw brothers retrospective, Shaw Brothers Spectaculars: Presented in Glorious Shaw-Scope through Dec 29, 2018.

  • Country Hong Kong
  • Year 1975
  • Running Time 84 minutes
  • Director Hua Shan