To Tell the Truth: A History of Documentary Film (1928-1946)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Q&A w/ directors David Van Taylor & Cal Skaggs!

Documentaries offer a unique encounter between art and actuality. Yet the genre is perpetually misunderstood: its artistry neglected, its truthfulness suspected, its real-world impact overlooked. Veteran doc makers Cal Skaggs and David Van Taylor have spent nearly a decade interviewing documentary pioneers for a multi-part history of the field. In this 2-hour section, we see the invention of the social documentary in reaction to the Great Depression and the bending of the form toward propaganda during World War II.

“For those doubting the power of documentaries to have a social impact, TO TELL THE TRUTH should give them an idea.” – Andy Webster, New York Times

  • Country USA
  • Rating NR
  • Running Time 112 minutes
  • Director Cal Skaggs & David Van Taylor