Train to Busan

Friday, July 29 - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Seok-woo is divorced, and his job leaves him unable to devote barely any time to his young daughter, Su-an. For her birthday, Su-an wants nothing more than to take the train from Seoul to her mother’s home 280 miles away in Busan. Convinced, Seok-woo takes off from work to accompany her on what very well may be the last train ride either of them take.

Shortly after they depart from Seoul, reports of riots and mass chaos throughout the country begin to flicker through, before communication becomes entirely cut off.  Soon, some sort of virus begins to spread from passenger to passenger, quickly filling the train with bloodthirsty zombies that begin to kill those on board.

Now, Seok-woo, Su-an, and a motley crew of surviving passengers must do their best to fend off the zombie horde as the train careens toward Busan, where the end of the line may only be the beginning… if it’s still there at all.