Bigelow vs. Cameron

Friday, February 26 - Saturday, April 17, 2010

As the Academy Awards race heats up, IFC Center presents the cinematic bout of the year — “Bigelow vs. Cameron”, with the year’s filmmaking front-runners (and ex-spouses) facing off against each other weekends at midnight February 26-April 17.

In one corner, critical darling and perennial underdog Kathryn “The Hurt Locker” Bigelow, the distaff director whose hard-hitting actioners pack equal amounts emotional wallop and on-screen ka-boom.

Her opponent: crowd favorite and self-styled king-of-the-world James “Avatar” Cameron, the auteur of maximalist spectaculars that bring in box office bonanzas and awards alike.

With both filmmakers primed to k.o. the Oscar, it’s time to let their earlier work slug it out in a late-night, take-no-prisoners celluloid battle royale.

Marvel as Bigelow makes Keanu and Swayze match wits in the surfer heist cult classic POINT BREAK. Shiver as Cameron dives deep with Oscar-winner THE ABYSS. Shudder as each helmer tackles the mystique of Jamie Lee Curtis in BLUE STEEL and TRUE LIES.

Can Bigelow’s Angela Bassett in STRANGE DAYS take down femme action icon Sigourney Weaver in Cameron’s ALIENS?

Will Cameron’s uber-80s juggernaut THE TERMINATOR survive the indie rabbit-punch of Bigelow’s redneck bloodsuckers in NEAR DARK?

All we know is, they’re coming out swinging, and may the best director win.

Click here to watch the music video for the song “Reach” by the band Martini Ranch (featuring Bill Paxton of NEAR DARK and ALIENS), directed by Cameron and starring Bigelow!

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