Late-Night Favorites: Summer 2019

Friday, July 26 - Saturday, September 28, 2019

This Summer 2019 season of “Late-Night Favorites” – an ongoing section of our Waverly Midnights – offers a mix of Staff Picks directly from IFC Center’s employees, and general favorites such as Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION, Ridley Scott’s ALIEN (1979), the Coen Brothers’ THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998), and 35mm prints of Satoshi Kon’s PAPRIKA (2006), Martin Scorsese’s MEAN STREETS (1973), and Stephen Herek’s CRITTERS (1986). See schedule below, and be sure to check out our simultaneous series “Waverly Midnights: Staff Picks” and “Weekend Classics: Staff Picks” for more.

Series Films

Past Films