Waverly Midnights

Catch late-night favorites – from classics to comedies to horror films – on Fridays and Saturdays in our Waverly Midnights series. Be sure to check out our concurrent Winter 2022 series, Waverly Midnights: Staff Picks and Late-Night Favorites.

Midnights begin anytime between 11:15pm and 12:25am, so check each title below for details.

Our Waverly Midnights and Late-Night Favorite shows are presented Friday and Saturday nights (and occasionally on other nights of the week for a 3-day weekend). Showtimes at midnight and later are the last screenings of the day, so are listed as part of that business day, instead of the technical day they occur. A film playing at 12:05am Friday is the final show of the day that starts Friday morning, even though, since it’s after midnight, the date has changed to Saturday.

Series Films

Past Films