Late-Night Favorites: Winter & Spring 2022

Friday, February 18 - Sunday, June 26, 2022

IFC Center’s “Late-Night Favorites” program also continues, bringing New Yorkers midnight screenings of such cult classics as David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD (1977), Nobuhiko Obayashi’s HOUSE (1977), Hayao Miyazaki’s NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND, and more!

Our Waverly Midnights and Late-Night Favorite shows are presented Friday and Saturday nights (and occasionally on other nights of the week for a 3-day weekend). Showtimes at midnight and later are the last screenings of the day, so are listed as part of that business day, instead of the technical day they occur. A film playing at 12:05am Friday is the final show of the day that starts Friday morning, even though, since it’s after midnight, the date has changed to Saturday.

Select titles also screen late evenings during the week! See schedule below, additional titles to be announced, and be sure to check out our simultaneous series “Staff Pics Winter / Spring 2022

Series Films

Past Films