Monday, November 23

Post-film discussion with Kia LaBeija! High-definition digital projection

Everyone remembers FAME’s Oscar-winning title song, but how many of us can recall the brilliant way the film depicts the struggles of developing artists? Over four years, a group of teenage performers at NYC’s High School of the Arts deal with issues familiar to anyone in creative fields – from rejection to self-discovery to sacrifice and beyond. Since helping others learn to navigate those waters is part of our mission at Q/A/F, we’re thrilled that our guest presenter, multi-disciplinary artist Kia LaBeija has chosen this wonderful film. Kia writes, “Creativity stimulates minds, forms discipline and shapes well rounded young adults. This film is one of my favorites.”

  • Country USA
  • Rating R
  • Year 1980
  • Running Time 134 minutes
  • Director Alan Parker