The Driver

Friday, May 19 - Saturday, May 20, 2017

DCP projection. 

Scriptwriter-turned-director Walter Hill’s Hard Times (retitled The Streetfighter in Britain) received deservedly excellent reviews when it opened a few years back. His second feature [THE DRIVER] is even better, a combination of brilliantly edited car chases and existential thriller which recalls the sombreness of Melville and the spareness of Leone in a context which is the ‘classical’ economy of directors like Hawks and Walsh. A brilliant plot of cross and double-cross, with cop Dern out to nail ace getaway driver O’Neal, unravels with a tautness to put it on a par with the same year’s action hit, Assault on Precinct l3.

 Screening as part of Waverly Midnights: Road Rage
  • Year 1978
  • Running Time 131 minutes
  • Director Walter Hill