Waverly Midnights

Late-Night Favorites: Autumn 2021

Friday, October 8 - Sunday, December 19, 2021

IFC Center’s “Late-Night Favorites” program also continues, bringing New Yorkers midnight screenings of such cult classics as David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DR. (2001), Nobuhiko Obayashi’s HOUSE (1977), two classics from Alejandro Jodorowsky: EL TOPO (1970) and, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (1973). Details below. Be sure to see our other Autumn 2021 series of Midnight films, Auto/Erotic and our 1pm Weekend Classics series, Bergman on Faro.

All screenings in this series will be available at FILM BUFF pricing ($14 General Admission, $11 Seniors/Children, $9 members) + free tickets for Auteur level members.

Our Waverly Midnights and Late-Night Favorite shows are presented Friday and Saturday nights (and occasionally on other nights of the week for a 3-day weekend). Showtimes at midnight and later are the last screenings of the day, so are listed as part of that business day, instead of the technical day they occur. A film playing at 12:05am Friday is the final show of the day that starts Friday morning, even though, since it’s after midnight, the date has changed to Saturday.

Now with earlier late-night screenings throughout the week!

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