Weekend Classics

Weekend Classics: The Audience is Present

Friday, April 13 - Sunday, July 1, 2018

“The Audience Is Present” — showing in our Weekend Classics program, Fridays-Sundays at 11am — gathers together some of our favorite films that invite moviegoers into the action by breaking through the fourth wall. With a sly wink at viewers or an aside delivered directly to the theater, these 12 classic titles explore different modes of inclusion, from the inspired lunacy of the opening weekend’s Marx Brothers’ slapstick HORSE FEATHERS, to François Truffaut’s arthouse landmark THE 400 BLOWS’ legendary staring-into-the-lens final shot. Heavy on comedies, the program includes Penelope Spheeris’s big-screen version of SNL skit-cum-cinematic romp WAYNE’S WORLD, beloved staples from Mel Brooks (BLAZING SADDLES and SPACEBALLS), Juzo Itami’s “ramen Western” TAMPOPO, and Spike Jonze’s self-referential hall of mirrors ADAPTATION. Other highlights include 35mm prints of Woody Allen’s classic New York romance ANNIE HALL, Abbas Kiarostami’s CLOSE-UP, and Stephen Frears’s HIGH FIDELITY, along with related screenings of GOODFELLAS in the concurrent “Scorsese” midnights retrospective, and selections like David Fincher’s FIGHT CLUB and Joe Dante’s GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH, with a scene in which the film itself seems to melt in the projector, in our “Late-Night Favorites” lineup.

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