Abbas Kiarostami: A Retrospective – Schedule by Date

Below is the full schedule of films in Abbas Kiarostami: A Retrospective from Fri Jul 26 – Thu Aug 15, organized by date. To see a schedule organized by title, click here.

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Fri Jul 26

12:55pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

2:45pm – And Life Goes On

4:50pm – Through the Olive Trees

7:10pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

9:05pm – And Life Goes On


Sat Jul 27

12:55pm – Taste of Cherry

3:00pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

4:55pm – And Life Goes On

7:10pm – “Kiarostami and Koker” discussion with screening of Through the Olive Trees

9:55pm – The Wind Will Carry Us


Sun Jul 28

12:55pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

2:45pm – And Life Goes On

4:55pm – Through the Olive Trees

7:10pm – The Report

9:30pm – Close-up


Mon Jul 29

12:55pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

2:45pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

4:40pm – Certified Copy

7:05pm – First Graders

9:00pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?


Tue Jul 30

12:55pm – And Life Goes On

3:00pm – And Life Goes On

5:10pm – Close-up

7:25pm – Homework

9:20pm – And Life Goes On


Wed Jul 31

12:55pm – Through the Olive Trees

3:05pm – Through the Olive Trees

5:20pm – The Wind Will Carry Us

7:45pm – Close-up

9:55pm – Through the Olive Trees


Thu Aug 1

12:55pm – Certified Copy

3:10pm – Close-up

5:20pm – Taste of Cherry

7:35pm – The Traveler

9:15pm – Certified Copy


Fri Aug 2

12:55pm – The Wind Will Carry Us

3:15pm – Homework

5:20pm – Certified Copy

7:45pm – Taste of Cherry

9:55pm – Kiarostami Shorts #1


Sat Aug 3

11:00am – Where Is the Friend’s House?

12:50pm – And Life Goes On

2:55pm – Through the Olive Trees

5:10pm – “Unseen Kiarostami” discussion with screening of A Wedding Suit

7:40pm – The Wind Will Carry Us

10:00pm – Like Someone in Love


Sun Aug 4

11:00am – Taste of Cherry

1:00pm – Kiarostami Shorts #1

3:00pm – Certified Copy

5:20pm – “Cinema in Revolution” discussion with screening of Case No. 1, Case No. 2

7:45pm – Kiarostami Shorts #2

9:50pm – The Traveler


Mon Aug 5

12:55pm – The Traveler

2:40pm – Close-up

4:50pm – Taste of Cherry

7:05pm – Kiarostami Short Features #2

9:30pm – The Report


Tue Aug 6

12:55pm – Like Someone in Love

3:15pm – Kiarostami Shorts #2

5:25pm – The Wind Will Carry Us

7:50pm – Kiarostami Short Features #1

10:10pm – Homework


Wed Aug 7

12:55pm – Taste of Cherry

3:05pm – Certified Copy

5:25pm – The Wind Will Carry Us

7:50pm – Close-up

10:00pm – Kiarostami Short Features #1


Thu Aug 8

12:55pm – The Report

3:20pm – Taste of Cherry

5:30pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

7:30pm – And Life Goes On

9:35pm – Through the Olive Trees


Fri Aug 9

11:00am – Kiarostami Shorts #1

12:50pm – Like Someone in Love

3:10pm – Homework

5:10pm – Taste of Cherry

7:25pm – 24 Frames

9:50pm – Shirin


Sat Aug 10

11:00am – The Report

1:10pm – Close-up

3:20pm – Ten

5:25pm – 10 on Ten

7:30pm – Five Dedicated to Ozu

9:15pm – Certified Copy


Sun Aug 11

11:00am – The Traveler

12:30pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

2:25pm – And Life Goes On

4:35pm – Through the Olive Trees

6:55pm – ABC Africa

8:50pm – The Wind Will Carry Us


Mon Aug 12

11:00am – Kiarostami Shorts #2

1:05pm – Close-up

3:15pm – ABC Africa

5:10pm – Ten


Tue Aug 13

12:30pm – Like Someone in Love

2:50pm – Shirin

4:55pm – 24 Frames


Wed Aug 14

12:45pm – Kiarostami Short Features #1

3:05pm – 10 on Ten

5:05pm – Five Dedicated Ozu


Thu Aug 15

12:30pm – Where Is the Friend’s House?

2:20pm – And Life Goes On

4:30pm – Through the Olive Trees


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